iBitHub is a Blockchain Technology, cloned from Litecoin, in the Bitcoin family. Built in 2018, IBH is a Pure-Passion-Project. This puts IBH in a different category than many cryptocurrency projects. Most recent projects have raised millions or even billions from investors, but IBH is like Bitcoin, where Satoshi Nakamoto did not have investors. Satoshi built a Community, that over time becomes Family.

Technology is all about Passion. The passion for research and to find solutions that are different, yet efficient, simple to use, and cheap. Cost and necessities can be one of the main drives for Innovation. This is when existing solutions are improved to slash costs or make the user experience better.

When Satoshi was Forced to create Bitcoin, he did it out of Passion. His aim was to solve a problem: To cut out banks and to empower people to be their own bank as the world’s banking system caved in at the height of the Great Financial Crisis. The same passion is behind iBitHub.

The iBitHub project is formed by a dedicated team based in the US. Formed by blockchain enthusiasts, the project complies with relevant laws and didn’t carry out an ICO for funding. Their aim is to drive adoption in the United States and help people understand the benefits of distributed ledger technology. Specifically, iBitHub is registered, complying with the rules and regulations set out by the state of Wyoming. This makes IBH, the native currency of the iBitHub blockchain, a true United States Digital Currency.

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Dark Gravity Wave (DGW)

DGW is a difficulty adjustment algorithm that makes use of multiple exponential moving averages and simple moving averages to achieve a smoother readjustment mechanism.

Blockchain Technology

iBitHub has it's own blockchain.

SCRYPT Algorithm Proof-of-Work Blockchain running since 2018.

NO ICO or Crowdfunding

iBitHub is registered, complying with the rules and regulations.

This makes IBH, the native currency of the iBitHub blockchain, a true
United States digital currency.


iBitHub is working to integrate blockchain technology with games. Take a look at our game
IBH City Racing

Low Transaction Cost

Easily send iBitHub with very low transaction fee's.



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